Coffs Seniors Computer Club Newsletter 22nd July

COVID-19 Lockdown has been extended

So No Meetings Until Further Notice

Fingers crossed! The potential virus exposure identified at the Hoey Moey sent the whole town into panic mode on Monday. Hopefully NSW Health have the situation under control and we can be confident our town remains virus free. It was a timely wake up call for us all to be vigilant.

If life gets back to normal we will notify you via these newsletters when the club meets again. Stay tuned.

Only one way out of this..

Get Vaccinated!!!

Club Birthday Party

On 27th August 2001 a group of people gathered at Park Beach Bowling Club to discuss the possibility of setting up a computer club specifically for seniors. The consensus was this was a good idea and Coffs Seniors Computer Club was duly formed and incorporated on 25th March 2002. At the first meeting there were 33 members. Of the founding members only Nola Woods is still active in the club.

If the COVID-19 lockdown has been lifted we will be having a birthday party on the 30th August, our closest meeting day to our actual birthday. We will be inviting Gurmesh Singh along as he has been a great supporter of the club. 5 year and 10 year badges will be presented to eligible members.

Technology and Old People

At our recent committee meeting I was talking about online forms and getting members to fill them in. One committee member who shall remain nameless said “It won’t work. These are old people!”. Surely the main goal of the seniors computer club is encouraging members to use technology and not get left behind. One of my objectives is to get most club members sufficiently skilled in technology that they can show off to the grandkids!

There are enough scientific studies indicating that keeping your mind active and looking for new intellectual challenges helps alleviate or postpone the onset of dementia. So, I don’t accept the premise “It won’t work. These are old people!”.

About half our members have now subscribed to our newsletter so you certainly know how to fill in online forms. The other half that have not subscribed have probably not read the numerous emails I have sent out!

Members Input

I want to make sure these newsletters are relevant and interesting to read. So PLEASE give me feedback and suggestions for content rather than just my ramblings and thought bubbles! Phyllis Taylor has made a great suggestion about a brief biographical piece about some of our members. Great suggestion, so here’s the challenge.

Are there any budding writers among our members that would be willing to take on this task.

I have turned on the torch and lit up the path. It’s now over to you guys.

The Craziness of Social Media

Here is a little story of how crazy social media can be!

I grew up in Bendigo, Victoria. I have a Facebook friend who lives in Port Macquarie but originally came from Bendigo. She commented on a post from Elmore Bakery so it popped up in my Facebook feed. I was about to scroll by when I noticed there were (at that time) over 100 thousand comments.

Elmore is a small town, population 770, about 50Kms north of Bendigo. I have driven through it numerous times, didn’t know it had a bakery. Elmore Bakery posted a competition where they had a picture of a rack of pies that had just been removed from the oven. If you guessed the number of pies on the rack you won a baker’s dozen pies but you had to pick them up from the bakery in Elmore. Fair enough!

That post from this small bakery in Elmore Victoria, population 770, ended up with over twenty million views (20,000,000) and one and a half million comments (1,500,000). People from all over the world were commenting on it. The bakery owners are dumbfounded and still have no idea why this one post took off!!

That’s all Folks!

Ian Scott

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  1. Thanks Ian we are off and racing I would like to nominate Helmet to give us his life experiences this would make very interesting reading which I am sure this would apply to many many members with their interesting stories during the good old days.

    Cheers Phyll T

  2. LOVE our club’s new website. So professional, informative and easy to use. Thank you Ian

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