Coffs Seniors Computer Club Newsletter 15th August

Snap 7 Day Lockdown for all regional NSW starting 5:00pm 14th August

I was hoping to bring a bit of good news! Unless Sydney can get infections under control, I suspect this lockdown will be longer than 7 days.

The only bit of good news, if you could call it good news, is the people of NSW are getting vaccinated at record rates. Hopefully there is enough vaccine to get over 80% of the population fully vaccinated. That’s the target the medical experts have set for life to return to something like normal.

At our committee meeting on Monday 9th we discussed how and when the club could commence again. Items discussed included meeting in small groups in cafes etc. plus the possibility of having a picnic at Diggers Beach.

So those plans are out the window!

Members Health Issues

A few of our members are having health issues of varying severity. The committee wishes each member a speedy and successful recovery and hope to see them again when we next meet. Because of privacy issues we won’t name members but if you know of a member having a few health problems and doesn’t mind if we inform other members please let us know. Sometimes a bunch of good wishes and messages of support can help give someone a positive attitude and help with their recovery.

Help Desk

Just because we are in lockdown does not mean we cannot help you with technology problems. I have created a Help Desk page where you can fill in a form briefly describing your problem and one of the tutors will get in touch with you and help you out as best we can in the lockdown.

Service NSW Personal QR Code

For those few members that do not have a smart phone (exceedingly frustrating phone!!), Service NSW have now added a feature where you can create a personal QR code that contains your name and phone number. Instead of having to manually type in your information every time you check in somewhere, you scan your QR code to make the process much simpler and quicker.

Go to this page on Service NSW website for instructions on how to create your personal QR code:

20th Birthday Celebrations

On 27th August 2001 a group of people gathered at Park Beach Bowling Club to discuss the possibility of setting up a computer club specifically for seniors. The consensus was this was a good idea and Coffs Seniors Computer Club was duly formed and incorporated on 25th March 2002. At the first meeting there were 33 members. Of the founding members only Nola Woods is still active in the club.

So, we had pencilled in the 30th August for our birthday party. The prospect of a physical meeting on this date are looking very remote but we can still have a virtual party. On the 30th pour yourself a drink and toast the club for it’s 20th birthday.

We will have the physical party as soon as we can.

Stay Safe Everyone!!

There is only one way out of the mess we are in!!

Get Vaccinated!!


Ian Scott 14/8/2021

5 thoughts on “Coffs Seniors Computer Club Newsletter 15th August

  1. Just to let you and the Committee know I am having a total right hip replacement on September 1st. I will be out of action for at least a couple of months and cannot drive for 6 weeks.
    I will get back as soon as possible.
    Laurie Morris.

  2. Thanks Ian,

    What do they say Tweet people like you’d like to be Tweeted,

    Cheers Phyll T

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